181791 is a quasi-random number.

a sonnet

February 17, 2009 Uncategorized; Tags:

I wrote this sonnet for a contest on A Prairie Home Companion.  It was not selected.

The needle pivoted to beckon north
so north I trek by fortune’s spectral hand,
but backed by rote momentum bumble forth
between your beacon charm and charted land.

With gospel radiance the hemisphere
encompasses the night’s sincerest dark,
aligns the wayward ‘cross the bleak frontier
and pilots vagabonds who blind embark

on courses guided by device alone.
You cast your gravity to astral winds
and steal a traction from the vast unknown
from which your solar majesty transcends.

Shielded from your polar scope I settle
Lost inert in fields of firmer mettle.

I believe I entitled it aurora.

games should be

February 3, 2009 essay

Games shouldn’t be fun, they should be engaging.

the conversion

December 17, 2008 news

I just stuffed everything into WordPress. It seemed like it would save me grief in the long run. I still do not consider this a blog, however. Furthermore, most of my older stuff (2005 and earlier) is not very good. Just keep that in mind. This also means that links may — and quite possibly will — be broken.